Our art and decorative interior accessory ranges are constantly changing, with new models being added and other models being suspended.

Here are some of our new additions.

Winged Victory, Nike of Samothrace, 190 BC


Apollo Belvedere Bronze


Ganymede and Jupitors Eagle




Augustus Caesar As Centurion Large


Half Fluted Column Lrg


Chatsworth House Book Ends


Medici Vase Large


Paris In Aged Bronze Verdigris


Napoleon As Caesar White With Antique Gilt Wreath.


The Carrying of Hector Plaque


Resting Cupid iPhone 5s Dock Stand


Lion Head Wall Bracket






Napoleon As Caesar


Paris Head Bronze


Mercury Black


Six sided column small COL10


Caracella Bust In Various Metal


Commodus Bust With Gilt head


Six Sided Column


Column Six Sided Bronze 70 CM


Mercury Bust In Bronze and Copper


Priam Begging Achilles Plaque


The Roman Athlete Oval


The Boxers


Cupid Received By Anacreon


Diana Chasseresse Bronze And Marble


Veiled Lady