Keep your eyes out for Sculptured Arts sculpture at this years Chelsea Flower show.

Our sculpture is being used on the Exhibitions leading garden designs...


M & G, the multi gold medal winner, have designed a gorgeous 'Terrace Garden' in which they have used our Hermes bust.

And 'The Brandalley' have incorporated our large male torso's along with our Roman Emperor busts, displayed on columns in their 'Renaissance Garden', which has been designed by Paul Hervey-Brookes.

Sculptured arts wish them all the best and hopefully more gold medals.


Mrs Sonya Chilcott

May 22, 2014

I am so delighted with The Veiled Lady it is brilliantly reproduced. Six months ago k itten jumped at speed on a side table and the runner slid and deposited my Minton Parian figure of Miranda on the floor. I have been unable to find an antique replacement of it so last week on holiday in Derbyshire at Chatsworth I saw the “VeiledLady” and immediately purchased it .it has taken its place on the table,cats excluded. I would love to see your present range of soh
I liar sized pieces. Wonderful

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