Collection: Finely Finished Sculpture

Sculptured Arts have perfected the art of Faux marble, like no other in the world, with our prestige finish being totally indistinguishable from natural stone, by look, feel and sheen.

It takes our team many hours to take our sculptures to this level of exquisite finish, the polishing is done entirely by hand.

Sculptures purchased direct from our store are finished in a matt, slightly antiqued finish, unless otherwise requested.

Our finishes include.

New, clean marble finish.

Any colour.

Antiqued marble finish, to any degree of age and wear.

Polished finish added to any of the above.

Veined and marble paternation, any colour, of any variety of antique to new Marbles, Granites, Lime stones, Porphyry, Agates and Lapis lazuli.

We also reproduce the most beautiful wood grain finishes, Limed oak to exotic Walnuts and Maples, which look exceptionally good when added to our columns.

Commissioned customisation of our art may increase the cost of the piece depending on the level of work to create it.

Below you will find examples of what we can create.

Please contact us if you require any customisation or advise.

Finely Finished Sculpture