Collection: Bronze Foundry Cast Sculpture

Sculptured Arts Studio bronze sculptures are foundry cast under our quality control, and each piece is then hand finished in our Staffordshire workshops.

Our bronze sculptures are guaranteed 90% Copper cast.  

Bronze is cast copper, but because of difficulties in casting pure copper, one is allowed to add a small percentage of tin and zinc, or silicone to make the molten Copper flow around the mould easier.

The majority of reproduction bronze sculpture`s available today are cast in the Far East , from zinc & Brass, then coloured to a brown patina, this is fake Bronze, made by the same difficult process, but has no Copper content.

Our studio bronze`s are all cast in limited numbers, each piece has its own unique number cast into it, and then mounted on to an exquisite piece of rare marble.

Sculptured Arts, a pleasure now, an investment for the future.

Bronze Foundry Cast Sculpture