Sculptured arts have a large selection of wall art, from ancient Greece to modern day.

Our marble decorative plaques are made with their weight being taken into consideration, so we are able to take the excess weight out, and a wooden board fitted to the back, all plaques have hangers. 


Bacchus and Cupid Plaque


Chariot four horse plaque left Lrg


Cupid Received By Anacreon


Roman Emperor Plaques set 2


Harvest Plaques a pair.


The Boxers


The Roman Athlete Oval


Roman Emperor Plaques set 1


The Grape Harvest Plaque


Priam Begging Achilles Plaque


The Carrying of Hector Plaque


Diana Hunting Relief Lrg


French Plaque


Lion Head Wall Bracket


The Chariot Plaque


Lady Head Oval On Square Back Pair


Meissen Plaques A Pair


Nike Adjusting Her Sandal Relief


Lady Head Oval Cameo plaques pair


Nelson Plaque


Celestine With Cherub


Two Children At Play Sml Roundel


The Infant Academy Relief


Oberon and Titania Relief


Roman Emporer Framed Cameo's, a pair


Grand Tour Intaglios


Autumn Roundel


Winter Grand Tour Roundel


Spring Grand Tour Roundel


Summer Roundel