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Sculptured Arts Studio

Priestess of Vesta Gypsum Plaque

Priestess of Vesta Gypsum Plaque

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A Vestal Virgin sculptured relief roundel, from Sculptured Arts studio,

This Beautiful elegant classical relief is a carved representation of a Vestal virgin, the priestesses of Vesta, goddess of hearth and home, whose duty it was to keep a sacred fire burning in her temple in Ancient Rome

The Vestal Virgins were a popular subject of the time following the discovery of the House of the Vestals in Pompeii, in the previous century. 

Fine subtle detailing throughout with a raised border frame, and brass picture ring for hanging, made from a mix of the finest British Gypsum, which has a hard silky surface feel of very high quality.


21 tall x 21 wide cm.

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