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Marble Sculpture

Hermes Finely Finished

Hermes Finely Finished

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Hermes, a bust, from Praxiteles full statue, 2nd half of 4th cent. B.C

A finely finished marble bust of Hermes, in veined and marked polished Carrara marble, and set upon a polished antique Sienna marble socle.

Hermes was one of the twelve main Olympian gods.

He was known as a phallic god, god of fertility and good fortune. 

He was the son of Zeus and half brother to Apollo. 

This bust is taken from the 2.34m statue, the only original work of Praxiteles to be found, at the temple of Hera in 1877. 

He was originally holding the infant Dionysus, who’s remnant of hand is on his shoulder, but this part of the sculpture was never found.


52 cm tall.

Artist: Praxiteles


Museum: The Archaeological Museum of Olympia.

Origin: Temple of Hera, Olympia, Greece

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