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Sculptured Arts Studio

Chroma Serenity: Annabel Redux

Chroma Serenity: Annabel Redux

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Chroma Serenity: Annabel Redux 

Indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of our bespoke Annabel bust—a singular creation handcrafted by the skilled artists at Sculptured Arts Studio. Originally finished from pink marble, this timeless piece takes a daring twist. Annabel’s serene expression is adorned with vibrant purple paint, drawing attention to her eyes—the windows to her soul. Her robe, once monochromatic, now boasts a vivid blue hue, evoking tranquillity and artistic rebellion. Whether displayed in a gallery, study, or sacred space, ‘Chroma Serenity: Annabel Redux’ invites contemplation, curiosity, and admiration. Own a piece that bridges classical elegance with contemporary vibrancy—a testament to Annabel’s enduring allure.

This sculpture is a one off


48 cm tall

30 cm wide

16 cm deep.


Hand made in England

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