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Corinna Statue

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Corinna Statuette, after the antique marble statue by William Brodie.

A stunning reproduction marble sculpture of Corinna the lyric muse.
The antique marble sculpture was made by the renowned William Brodie, a Scottish sculptor (1815-1881).
After gaining a scholarship he went to Rome to study under Laurence MacDonald who oversaw the creation of his Corinna marble statue. Brodie made many public marble & Bronze statues and monuments, including a marble bust of queen Victoria for Balmoral.

Corinna was a poet and song writer, and considered today by scholars as the greatest of lyricists.
She was from Greece and flourished in the 5th century B.C, at the same time as another great writer from history, Pindar, whom Corrina beat five times in Greek poetical contests.
Pausanius in his writings wrote of her to be the most beautiful women of her age.

This traditional marble sculpture of Corinna is made from dry cast Carara marble, with fine crisp detail, and has a cold marble feel to the touch.
Hand made in Staffordshire, England, in very limited numbers. 

Dimensions: 55 x 30 cm
Weight: 17 kg

Sculptor. Born in Banff, the son of a ship's master, Brodie became an apprentice plumber. However his talents were recognised and he was sent to Edinburgh to continue his education. He gained a scholarship to study sculpture in Rome. He became a specialist in busts and statues, with some of his works forming part of the Scott Monument, together with a statue of surgeon Sir James Young Simpson in Princes Street Gardens. His most famous and certainly most photographed work is that of the dog Greyfriar's Bobbymounted on a granite plinth opposite the entrance to Greyfriar's Kirk. Brodie's daughter married architect Sir James Gowans (1821-90).
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