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Sculptured Arts Studio

Tattooed Adonis: Sculpted Rebellion

Tattooed Adonis: Sculpted Rebellion

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Tattooed Adonis: Sculpted Rebellion 

Indulge in the arresting beauty of our bespoke Adonis torso—a singular creation handcrafted by the skilled artists at Sculptured Arts Studio. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece marries classical form with contemporary edge. Adonis, the epitome of male beauty, bears tattoos that tell stories of passion, strength, and defiance. Each inked motif adds depth to his sculpted physique, inviting exploration and admiration. Whether displayed in a gallery, home, or private collection, ‘Tattooed Adonis: Sculpted Rebellion’ stands as a testament to individuality and artistic vision. Own a piece that transcends time, celebrating both heritage and rebellion.

This is a one of one


33cm tall


Hand made in England

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