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King Lysimachus, a grand tour marble sculpture.

A quite exceptional and rare 18th Century Grand Tour marble bust of Lysimachus (361-281BC), the Macedonian General and successor to Alexander the Great as King of Thrace and Asia Minor  

Although this sculpture was described throughout the 18th Century as a 'Generale Romano' and variously also referred to as the Greek statesman and orator Demosthenes or Euripides this beautifully executed portrait is now agreed to be Lysimachus shown in middle age his head turned to the side with a lined and careworn face. Very similar versions can be seen in The Royal Palace of Caserta, The Royal Collection at Hampton Court (commissioned from Le Sueur by Charles I), Trinity College Library, Dublin (by Peter Scheemakers) and the Getty Museum (by Joseph Wilton). Stunning and important piece of Grand Tour art. 


53 cm tall x 25 cm wide x 22 deep.

16 kg.

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