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Plato On Sienna Base

Plato On Sienna Base

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Plato, a bust Finished in basalt black, and set on a Sienna base.

After the antique by Somer. 

Elevate your space with the timeless wisdom of Plato. A sophisticated piece of art that embodies the timeless wisdom of one of the greatest philosophers of all time. This exquisite statue, featuring the likeness of plato, is masterfully crafted in a sleek black finish, symbolising the depth and mystery of his philosophical insights. 

This plato is finished in a deep, satin black that captures the contemplative spirit of Plato. Held high on a a rich sienna socle, providing a warm contrast that highlights the statue's silhouette.

Plato, the revered Greek philosopher, was a pivotal figure in the development of western thought. As the founder of the academy in Athens, he laid the groundwork for western philosophy and science. His dialogues have traversed centuries, continuing to influence modern-day thinking.

(This bust is also available on its own, or in any colour combination)

Size: 33cm tall

Hand made in England by

Sculptured Arts Studio

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