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Religious relic reliefs, set of 3.

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Religious relic reliefs, Madonna and child scenes, mid 14th century.

All three wall plaques show the seated virgin with the Christ child on her lap.

The larger relief shows Mary, adorned with halo, and child upon her knee, under an arched top.

The small wall plaque on the left shows the virgin mother relaxed with the Christ child.

The small wall plaque on the left shows the madonna and child having been crowned by two flanking angels.

These are after Rossellino who`s originals are in the Victoria & Albert museum, Rossellino`s work had a reputation for depicting a close and heartfelt relationship between Madonna and the infant Christ.

His work greatly influenced florentine artists of the early renaissance, and these would of been a popular product for his studio workshop to produce.


Large plaque 28 cm tall x 8 cm wide.

Smaller plaque 12 cm tall x 8 cm wide.

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