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Sphinx On Lrg Mount

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The French Sphinx, set on a larger base.

In European decorative art, the sphinx enjoyed a major revival during the Renaissance

Later, the sphinx`s image, something very similar to the original ancient Egyptian concept, was exported into many other cultures, albeit often interpreted quite differently due to translations of descriptions of the originals and the evolution of the concept in relation to other cultural traditions, along with the artistic and decorative imagination of artists.

The revived Mannerist sphinx of c1520 is sometimes thought of as the French Sphinx, with her coiffed head erect, with the breasts of a young woman, often she wears ear drops of pearls as ornaments, and her body is naturalistically rendered as a recumbent lioness.

The first appearances of sphinxes in French art are in the school of Fontainebleau in the 1520s and 1530s, and she continues into the late Baroque style of the French regence (1715–1723).

From France, she spread throughout Europe, becoming a regular feature of the outdoors decorative sculpture of 18th-century palace gardens.

A fine pair of French sphinx's are used to decorate the front wall pediments of Chatsworth House.

Finished in Carara white, and set on a Basalt black base.

21 cm tall.

(NOTE - If a pair is required you will need to add this item twice to cart) 

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