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Sculptured Arts Studio

Venus After Canova

Venus After Canova

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Venus, a bust, after Canova.

A beautiful, feminine, classical marble bust, by Sculptured Arts Studio, who's artists have captured the life and emotion of the original statue, in this marble bust.

The Venus de' Medici or Medici Venus is a Hellenistic marble sculpture depicting the Greek Goddess of love Aphrodite. It is a 1st-century BCE marble copy, perhaps made in Athens, of a bronze original Greek sculpture, following the type of the Aphrodite of Knidos.

The Medici Venus statue is one of the most-copied antiquities. Louis XIV had no less than five, marbles by Carlier, Clerion, Coysevox, and Fremery.

The goddess is depicted in a fugitive, momentary pose, as if surprised, in the act of emerging from the sea, and being seen partially naked. 


31 cm tall x 19 cm wide x 9 cm deep.

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