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Sculptured Arts Studio

Zeus Unleashed: Inked Divinity

Zeus Unleashed: Inked Divinity

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Zeus Unleashed: Inked Divinity 

Behold the thunderous power and enigmatic allure of our one-of-a-kind Zeus bust. Handcrafted by the skilled artists at Sculptured Arts Studio, this marble masterpiece defies convention. Zeus, the king of gods, emerges with war paint in black and red around his eyes—a symbol of both battle prowess and divine mystery. His chest bears an owl tattoo, an emblem of wisdom and foresight. But it doesn’t end there—the base features lightning-style veins, crackling with energy. Whether displayed in a gallery, study, or sacred space, ‘Zeus Unleashed: Inked Divinity’ invites reverence, curiosity, and conversation. Own a piece that bridges ancient myth with contemporary artistry—a testament to Zeus’s enduring legacy.

This is a one of one


44 cm tall.


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